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Getting Started - for free!

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Currently 100% Free for Veteran Owned Companies

Veteran Owned Companies should start by requesting a profile by emailing the following information to Team@VetStoreUSA.com

1) Company Name

2) The name of at least one Veteran who owns a portion of the company along with his or her contact information, including the branch of service, and last year served

3) One to three sentence company description to be posted

4) Your company's website (or email address if you do not have a website)

5) Your logo (if no logo is submitted, our team will post your listing without a picture)

Please Note: submission of any of the above to any VetStoreUSA™ email address or representative constitutes permission to post and edit any information supplied. You may revoke our permission to post or edit by contacting us at the same email address you used to submit the original permission.

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